VGN Trainmaster builder and data plates

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Sat Jul 6 10:34:46 EDT 2019

Hello, I'm new to the list and researching the Virginian's use of F-M H24-66 Trainmasters. I know they used both Ph. 1b and Ph. 2 bodies over I believe two separate orders. 

I am trying to pin down the form of F-M builder plates, VGN unit Designation ("DE-##") plates and the other small data plates. Were each of these brass? A mix of brass and stainless steel/aluminum, or the latter? Did this change from the 1st order 1b units to the 2nd order Ph. 2 units?

I have been trying to determine this rivet-counting detail but the few color photos I have of VGN trainmasters are just not clear enough to determine this.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Ian Macoy
Blue Ridge, VA
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