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The 1916 chain survey of the Pocahontas Div indicated that most mile posts were wooden. I don’t recall seeing any that were concrete.


Alex Schust


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Don’t know about the first, but I’d suspect at Roanoke Shops for quality control.


The standard drawing L-142, Detail and Form for Standard Concrete Milepost was shown as issued on May 28, 1916, and issue 2 was September 28, 1926.


There was an earlier version of a concrete post sign, which were for the county line post, which was issued on July 14, 1909, so there might have been an earlier version. 


A search of the archives for “Mile post” results in several drawings, but the first that came up is the earliest




Indicates a triangular post, dated 1891, but is somewhat vague, and does not tell what the material was.


Ken Miller

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I always wondered where the N&W's concrete Mile Posts were cast.


Second question is, When was the conversion to concrete MP's done?


Third question is, What did the N&W's Mile Posts look like before they were concrete ?


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