N&W 1206 at the 1939-40 World's Fair

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Dear Abram, thanks for the information and your observations.

Note that the green Greenbrier was "on loan" to the COHS for a summer a few
years ago, and I think it's been there about 6 years, because, according to
the information I've been given, after it got from Steamtown to Roanoke to
Clifton Forge, there are obstacles to getting it the few miles to White
Sulphur Springs.

Frank Bongiovanni

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> Concerning how N&W's Class A 2-6-6-4 No. 1206 got to the World's Fair
> (twice, no less)...
> I posed the question to Mr. Michael Savchak, E.E., O.E., P.E., a native of
> the New York City area, who just finished up a 40+ year career in the
> engineering side of several major railroads that area.
> Mike's suggestion was, "Most probably the locomotive crossed the Hudson
> River by the NH bridge at Poughkeepsie, traveled to Devon CT, reversed
> direction and then went over the Hell Gate Bridge to Long Island."
> This would have avoided the problem of barging the engine across the
> Hudson River.
> Isn't it amazing that the railroads could have pulled off a job of this
> scope 80 years ago, without a whimper and without enough remark to engender
> even a write-up.  But today we cannot even move a lousy High-and-Wide
> across one or two Divisions without a major fiasco of delay, screaming,
> hair-pulling and recrimination ?
> -- abram burnett
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