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Excellent photos Mike.

The large, old (circa 1850) house on the Snapp farm was damaged during the
Glade Spring tornado early on the morning of April 28, 2011.  That plus
deterioration by weather may have caused the suspected fire damage you
report.  I have heard no report of there being a fire there.

Did you notice while you most recently visited the siding site the smaller
brick house to the left of the larger one?  The late "Jimmy" Snapp, then
owner of the farm and a friend of mine once told me that the smaller house
served as a community store with a one room school included.  He may have
also told me there was a post office in the store -- my firm recollection
of that has fallen victim to my advancing age.  Jimmy passed away several
years ago.

I would like to establish contact with you off-list.  We could
possibly collaborate and provide information and photos that would be of
interest to other members of the list.

My greatest railroad interests are steam engines, Glade Spring and the Salt
Branch, and the Virginia Creeper.

Please excuse my paranoia over data harvesters on the Internet.  I provide
here my e-mail addy broken down into parts.

My user name is gkstargazer.  Of course that is followed by the at symbol.

The service is gmail followed by dot com

Hope to hear from you.

George Kelley
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