Pokey Mine Shifters

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Tue Aug 27 07:56:34 EDT 2019

One final request for any information (names, approximate calling times, limits and work) for the following eleven mine shifters:

     "At Williamson five crews were called to work mines on the main lines and branches as far east as Gilbert.  These crews also worked mines on the Buchanan Branch as far east as the siding at the top of the hill at Raitt."

     "On the Buchanan Branch four crews were called at Weller Yard to serve mines further east on that branch along with the Dismal Creek Branch and other spurs."

     "Another two crews were called at Weller Yard to work on the Levisa Branch and up on Home Creek to the top of the hill at Raitt Tunnel."

Any help would be appreciated.

Glenn Fisher

"The Northern Dispatcher" in Cornwall PA.
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