Snapp's Siding

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I take it that this Walker Mountain was not to be confused with Big Walker Mountain, the one you crossed on US 23 between Bean Station, Tenn. and the Middlesboro tri-state area, or on US 52 between Wythevile and Princeton.

That one IS a mountain, by Appalachian standards.  Both those roads were fun in a  tri-power 1964 Pontiac GTO.

Ed King

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Thanks, Mike.  I'm a native of the swamps of North Carolina and any change in 
elevation of 30 feet or more is considered a mountain.  Maybe you've seen them --
those N&W P.R. pictures without trains that depict the railroad's superb maintenance.
The Photo Department should certainly have made a trip to Blue Hills Dr.
                                                                                  Harry Bundy

The curve you describe is clearly seen on Google (attached) but describing the hill it passes as a mountain might be a bit of a stretch although picturesque it certainly is. 

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