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Bob - 

The problem with funny railroad stories is that so many of them are X-rated . . .

Ed King

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I find amusing and funny RR stories a part of the lexicon of railroad history and, as such a part of "stuff." Accordingly, I for one would like to read what you have for sharing it is how it gets passed down.

In such personal recollections I have accumulated from people, among them are some ventriloquist stories, which one can guess the types of stunts were pulled, broken brakes and subsequent runaway cars, which thankfully stopped rolling before doing any damage or derailing, a nudist family joke in a house near a depot and the new crewman on the passing passenger train, and more. I have also heard of rubber snake type tales, of such paraphernalia placed inside switch and related junction boxes and resultant get-even events. Hey, I even did such a thing before public hours of placing a rubber snake near a trolley museum platform and watched in amusement as the the unenlightened got a snow shovel and killed my rubber snake.

They are part of the life and times of railroad and its history and as such on the N&W, even more so appropriate for here.

So, I would suggest and ask, please share so all can smile. I don't think you'll get boo-ed off the list.

Bob Cohen

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