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Regarding those funny tales we are talking about:

Okay there are some X-rated ones for sure, but those can be cleaned up
enough for placement and approval by the present group who monitor such
things. I am sure some of the tales I have heard and briefly already
referred to might have been cleaned up a bit before they found their way to
my front door, or was it mailbox.

One I hadn't mentioned also involved a section foreman or similar who lived
near the tracks and walked into town one day with a nice big fat juicy
black snake and thrust it into a packed restaurant one afternoon or
evening. Reportedly the action which ensued rivaled what the establishment
had previously been producing: it was movie house during vaudeville days or
was it baudeville days.

You couldn't do stuff like that now for you'd be locked up as mean and
unsafe and who knows what else but 75 years ago, you could do most anything
and everyone would scoff at it being "boys will be boys" material.

Enuff, let's read these funny tales and may they roll like the waves of the
ocean and make us smile and laugh all the more.

P.S. - *I'll take the x-rated versions off-list please*. hehehehehehehe

Bob Cohen
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