Class J Service - Christmas Rush 1958

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 Link used an alphabetic system to identify his field tapes, generally in chronological order:
A - Z    A was the first tape recorded 3/23/56 monoAA-ZZ   LL was first stereo recording 8/24/58, all stereo from here on 
AB - AZBA - BZ    BR is in this group 1/3/59CA - CN   CN was last recording 3/16/60
He also had other field tapes to which he assigned various names, composites, album drafts, and non-N&W recordings.  Documentation of his early tapes is sketchy, but it improved as he got more and more interested in the medium.
Dave Stephenson

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What is "Link tape BR" you reference here?
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works 

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  At the end of Link tape BR, which is the recording I referred to below, 603 pulls into Bluefield eastbound.  It stops at the station, after which there is a very loud hiss.  I interpreted this as the brakes being set, perhaps prior to 603 being removed from the train.  Link made the following comment, "Thank you Mr. Scott for arranging Class J engine #603 for this trip between Bluefield and Williamson on trains 15 and 16 January 3rd, 1959.  We are now arrived in Bluefield and our trip is over and I guess we'll say farewell to the Class J engines for good."  Whether the train continued east with a Class J or diesels is unknown.  My guess is that 603 was initially drawn from standby power at Bluefield and returned to this status at Bluefield after the run was over.

Dave Stephenson

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