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Forgive me for posting a photo of a non N&W locomotive, but Ed King's post brought this to mind.   I was copying some WM motive power photos at the library in Hagerstown, MD and this was one of them.  I did not know it was significant until I showed the photos to a local rail historian.  Turns out this was one of several staged photos on site in Hanover, PA where a fireman was struck in the head by the standpipe spout, apparently knocked unconcious and fell into the tender cistern resulting in his death.  I don't know if this was the same locomotive, but it is of the same class involved.  The photo was one of the series done for the accident investigation, circa 1950-51.  None of the others were in the library collection.
--Rick Morrison

Lore has it that a Pokey division fireman, taking water, fell into the manhole.  After climbing out and finishing the job, he came back into the cab soaking wet and the engineer said "you just have to fill it up - you don't have to tamp itdown."

Ed King
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