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Through some local west coast modelers I have become aware of the Southern
Pacific "SPINS" books of the 1970's. SPINS or Southern Pacific Industrial
Numbering System assigned a number to every customer spur and published the
list and schematic showing locations and spots. This was provided to help
the railroaders know where to spot cars per the info on the waybills. An
example can be found here:


My question is, did the N&W of the 1970's have a similar system and publish
similar books. If so, what was the N&W system called and where can this info
be found? Or if not, what do we have in the archives that would list/show
the customers along the railroad?


Some of this information can be found in the track plans on Bruce Harper's
N&W site. (And I do appreciate the work that you've done here Bruce). But
those charts seem to have many unidentified spurs. And his charts do not
cover all areas of the railroad. My interest is in the Radford and
Shenandoah Divisions. But other areas would be fascinating also.


Don Trettel

Formerly of Roanoke, Now near Seattle Wa.


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