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Tom, please contact me off line.  My grandfather was Personnel Manager for
the mines in Coalwood.  My mom graduated from Big Creek around 1947 also.

Mr grandfather was Walter Gordon Mason.

Mom is Margaret Elizabeth Mason

Ed Painter. 678-350-5424

edwinpainter at

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> Hello folks,
> I'm new to the list and the N&W Historical Society. I'm originally from
> Atlanta and live in Asheville now. But my father grew up in Coalwood, WV
> and Grandpa was the office manager for the Carter/Olga Coal company there.
> They tried to promote Grandpa to something like Executive Assistant to the
> General Manager, but Grandpa said that he didn't much like being considered
> anyone's assistant. :-)
> Dad graduated Big Creek High School in War in 1947 so has lots of memories
> of some of the prime time for coal operations there. N&W used to pull about
> 100 empties into Coalwood each morning, spend time rearranging the full
> cars from the previous day, then haul those back down in the afternoon.
> There was a siding just after the spur came back into the main line to
> Iaeger and they dropped all of the eastbound cars there instead of hauling
> them into the yard at Iaeger.
> My wife and I are just getting in modeling and I have also joined the
> modeling group. Long term I'm hoping to create a layout that models roughly
> the area from Bluefield up to Iaeger or perhaps even to Williamson in the
> 1950s.
> One question I have is which locomotives were used to run the daily runs
> up to the mines. I think for Coalwood it was a Class E2A and they were run
> as a double header. But this is based on Dad's now 91 year old memory.
> Thanks!
> Tom
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