June 7, 1912 - Life before the electronic age

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     A while back I was going through my grandfather's old steamer trunk 
that he brought over on the ship when he immigrated from England. In 
there were things that my father had kept, mostly things relating to the 
family, with some of them being quite eye opening and many of them 
historical. My father didn't talk much about his side of the family. Not 
that there was anything bad or embarrassing, he just didn't speak much 
about it except maybe around the fireplace on Christmas Eve. And, I, 
being born late in life, was too young to ask questions. Since I never 
knew any of my grandparents any information is quite a find.
     So, I came across an old newspaper from Waynesboro, Pa. This is 
where my father was born and where his family moved from to Roanoke, his 
father taking a job with the N&W at the East End Shops. According to 
what you will read, they must not have been living in Roanoke for very 
long when my grandfather, James J. Lisle, was injured at work. So, why 
is this paper from Waynesboro, Pa.? Because, at the time, my grandmother 
had few friends to talk to or console her in her time of need. So, she 
wrote back to their old home to relay the information of her husband's 
     This all made me think about how the N&W Magazine had a section in 
the back of each issue titled "The Folks Along the Line" where people 
wrote in about what was going on in their lives. It is very interesting 
to go back through the old N&W Magazine and read about how life was, 
long before the electronic came about. Take the time to read some of 
these if you can. You will find them interesting too.

Jimmy Lisle

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