Circleville Interlocking

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Very nice, Eric. There is some very specific details there that will go in my research file.

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio, US

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Hello all:

I've been reading with great interest the thread on the interlocking model board from Circleville, Ohio on the Columbus District.

It's important to realize (as most have) that this interlocking (and area as a whole) went through several iterations over the decades. The photo Matt presented appears to have been one of the last steam era arrangements. 

Of interest was the Spring Switch and bracket post signals at the west end of the center sidings at Dorney. This would be to the right of the board photo. The N&W had several center sidings along this route to allow loaded coal trains to duck out of the way of faster freights. It appears Circleville Tower had control of the west end of Dorney.

I've attached (I hope) the PRR interlocking diagram of this area circa 1967. It's a bit cleaner than the old model board and shows what updates were made by this time. 

By best,

Eric from Ashville
Columbus District
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