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 The Powhatan Arrow (25 & 26) never carried sleepers, but the Pocahontas (3 & 4) did. Some were interline cars (Norfolk to Chicago via PRR) but most on 3 & 4 were between N&W points. By the mid 1960's some of these lines had been discontinued. Depending on what was available in the Pullman pool on any given day, you might see a sleeper from some other road on an N&W train. Generally it would be PRR, but I have seen Seaboard, Missouri Pacific, Chesapeake & Ohio and NYC in  N&W trains at one time or another.
Jim Nichols
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Looking through N&W time tables from 1966, I am trying to understand more clearly the consists of the “The Powhatan Arrow” and “The Pocahontas”, and especially the sleeping cars that might be included.  A video which I have seen, shows some PRR and NYC sleepers in N&W trains.  #25 had a connection in Cincinnati that went on to Chicago, perhaps with a PRR sleeper?  Assistance would be appreciated!


Vic Chudoba

Woodstock, IL


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