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Roger - 

I never heard anyone explain those hoses to me, but I don’t think they were for lubrication.  I think they wee for water in case of a hotbox, but that doesn’t explain why the center journal didn’t have one.  The T-40 truck was designed so that the weight was equal or pretty near equal on all six journals.

Maybe there is someone who can enlighten us both.

Glad you’re liking the book.

Best - 

Ed King

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I just finished re-reading "The A" book for I can't remember how many times. It's just a superb book that does great justice to a great engine. Every time i read it I find something new. This time it's a tender question.

On pages 192-193 is a great shot of the unique 15,000 gallon tender. Love the style of them! Anyway, the trucks have some sort of line going to the first and third journals of both trucks with shutoff valves. I'm assuming (Oh no!) they are lubrication lines. If so, why don't the center journals have these lines?

Thanks for the annual joy I receive from reading your book!

Roger Huber 
Deer Creek Locomotive Works

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