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 Vic: I did a roster of the steel passenger cars in the Mar./Apr. 1986 issue of the society newsletter. (It was not called the Arrow until years later) This gave the class, numbers, builders and built dates for the cars, but did not describe them as to heavyweight or lightweight. I realize that was a long time ago and am not sure if the commissary has copies of those early issues, but I am not aware of any other such list.
Jim Nichols
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Thank you, Rick and Jim.  The information is appreciated.  I am enjoying teaching my grandsons how the trains were actually made up and handed off between railroads.  Regrettably, MTH “O”-scale in many cases does not have matching cars (one configuration of sleeper, etc.), but they enjoy it all the same.

---- Vic Chudoba


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Early 1950's photo of the Pocahontas in Petersburg, VA with the Washington coach on the rear. It is a class Pj.  Ahead of the coach is the Chicago-Norfolk sleeper and heavyweight 10section-lounge car.  Several years ago there was anticle in The Arrow on the short run trains which connected N&W to Richmond.  The run was on ACL tracks but N&W power to Richmond.  The N&W locomotives assigned to this were equiped with ACL automatic train control apparatus. 


I have a duplicate slide of a K2 pulling a train on ACL.  There is a Pm coach in the consist which I think is the Washington coach.  


--Rick Morrison
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