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I got to see that the other day in the afternoon from Shenandoah Avenue. It's sad to see the piles of dirt and tracks piled up. Shaffers Crossing looked like a ghost town from the transfer table end. No engines at all when I took photos from a nearby parking lot. I know they laid off a lot of people. The whole are wasn't as well maintained looking as in past years. The next day, I was able to see that there's still some activity at the turntable end. There were trucks making deliveries. I couldn't see what's happening near 24th Street. I didn't have time to scout other areas to look from, mostly due to the lack of time and summer heat. 

Phil Miller

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Since I�ve seen nothing posted from anyone thus far.

It appears that work is underway to remove the hump at Roanoke Yard.

Crews have been at work for about a week and track has been removed and a lot of dirt moved. There seems to be other work going on west of the overpass of 24th Street, but I have no idea what is being done.

Ken Miller
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