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I was looking back over this list and noticed the listing WC for Wilcoe with the note of Farm.
Are they the same location?  I thought Wilcoe yard was down below Havaco.

> BL	N&W	Bluefield	WV	
> BR	N&W	Bristol	VA	
> CL	N&W	Clare Yard	OH	Cincinnati
> CO	N&W	Joyce Yard	OH	Columbus
> CR	N&W	Crewe	VA	
> DE	N&W	Denniston	VA	
> DU	N&W	Durham	NC	
> HA	N&W	Hagerstown	MD	
> IA	N&W	Iaeger	WV	
> KE	N&W	Kenova	WV	
> LP	N&W	Lambert Point Yard	VA	Norfolk
> LY	N&W	Lynchburg	VA	
> NK	N&W	Norfolk	VA	
> NO	N&W	Norton	VA	
> PO	N&W	Portsmouth	OH	
> PR	N&W	Princeton	WV	after 1959;previously VGN
> RA	N&W	Radford	VA	
> RI	N&W	Richlands	VA	
> RO	N&W	Roanoke	VA	
> SC	N&W	Shafers Crossing	VA	Roanoke
> SH	N&W	Shenandoah	VA	
> WC	N&W	Wilcoe Yard	VA	Farm
> WI	N&W	Williamson	WV	

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC

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