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 One assumes that 2409 is the number assigned by Delaware Lackawanna, regardless of the numbers it had on Wabash or N&W. So this COULD be an ex Wabash/N&W unit.
Jim Nichols
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 So I was watching a video on Youtube of my favorite short line railroad- the Delaware Lackawanna.  A line that exclusive powered by ALCO’s and MLW’s, yes still working in 2020.  So low and behold what shows up in some publicity shots the videographer happened to catch is ex-N&W/Wabash C424 2409.  Apparently she is backing working order and was hastily patch painted in Wabash livery for the ribbon cuttingOf a new shop for the Delaware Lackawanna.  I cut the video to the shot of the 2409.
James WallRural Hall, NC

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