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Yes, Wilcoe Yard is located near Wilcoe, not Farm and both are in West 
Virginia. Alex Schust writes of a 100-ton scale track installed at 
Wilcoe in 1905, but by the 1950s, east loads were weighed at Bluefield, 
Roanoke or Norfolk and west loads were weighed at Kenova (river coal) or 
Portsmouth. To my knowledge, there was no scale track at Farm.

Grant Carpenter

On 11/25/2020 10:54 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> James Wall:
> You ARE correct - Wilcoe is on the Tug Fork Branch
> and Farm (a railroad name)  is located on the main line
> west of Caples, so they're about 7 miles apart. Farm had
> been a coal and water station in steam days and I'm
> not sure how this may  come into play, but trains from
> Bluefield en route to the Tug Fork Branch have to head
> in to the yard at Farm, run around their train, then head
> east to the Tug Fork connection.  There is no way to head
> into the branch from the east. Possibly, Farm is the weigh
> station for Wilcoe loads, maybe other stations too.
>  Harry Bundy
On 11/24/2020 8:57 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
I was looking back over this list and noticed the listing WC for Wilcoe 
with the note of Farm.
Are they the same location?  I thought Wilcoe yard was down below Havaco.
BL 	N&W 	Bluefield 	WV 	
BR 	N&W 	Bristol 	VA 	
CL 	N&W 	Clare Yard 	OH 	Cincinnati
CO 	N&W 	Joyce Yard 	OH 	Columbus
CR 	N&W 	Crewe 	VA 	
DE 	N&W 	Denniston 	VA 	
DU 	N&W 	Durham 	NC 	
HA 	N&W 	Hagerstown 	MD 	
IA 	N&W 	Iaeger 	WV 	
KE 	N&W 	Kenova 	WV 	
LP 	N&W 	Lambert Point Yard 	VA 	Norfolk
LY 	N&W 	Lynchburg 	VA 	
NK 	N&W 	Norfolk 	VA 	
NO 	N&W 	Norton 	VA 	
PO 	N&W 	Portsmouth 	OH 	
PR 	N&W 	Princeton 	WV 	after 1959;previously VGN
RA 	N&W 	Radford 	VA 	
RI 	N&W 	Richlands 	VA 	
RO 	N&W 	Roanoke 	VA 	
SC 	N&W 	Shafers Crossing 	VA 	Roanoke
SH 	N&W 	Shenandoah 	VA 	
WC 	N&W 	Wilcoe Yard 	VA 	Farm
WI 	N&W 	Williamson 	WV 	

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC

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