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One thing I forgot to mention as well when I have been in Scranton and talked to Don, the CMO of DL,  they take the history of their
locomotives seriously.  I would dare say if asked and requested by the NWHS the 2409 could be painted into the Wabash paint or a N&W paint scheme and numbered appropriately.  The DL has two C425’s in Erie Lackawanna paint schemes,  a RS3 in CNJ paint, three RS3’s in DLW inspired paint and one C420 in Lehigh Valley paint scheme with only DL sub-lettering.  Also on the property is ex N&W RS11 351, she has been stripped of a lot of parts and is still in Winchester and Western lettering.

If you like ALCO’s this is a railfan friendly road and these ALCO’s work daily.  You can watch from Steamtown or chase them.  The shops are usually open for tours if you ask.  For those wanting to see ALCO’s in road service this is the place.

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> OK.....I looked over my pictures of N&W 425 and the thing I believed to be an air horn (EL) mount was an antenna mount.  All the blue locomotive (2409) features match my N&W 425 pictures including looking at other pics of 2409 on the web..  I also contacted the president of the Oak Ridge Museum, a good friend, who confirmed  the locomotive at the museum was in fact N&W 425.  So it must be N&W 425 as all as Bob's disposition records would show.
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