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Tue Feb 2 11:50:35 EST 2021

I found a photo showing a single track in a deep cut, crossing under a
highway or wagon wooden trestle bridge overhead, maybe 40-50' above. The
cut is angled up at the sides, not a deep rock cut, and looks fairly new as
there is not much shrubbery/grasses regrowth on the angled sides. My guess
of age is somewhere around 1910-ish or thereabouts and no, I don't have a

On the reverse is stated *"Papa, on the Bridge Va. Railroad at Burnett's

>From this sparse id, anyone ever heard of such a location. It could have
long since received a newer name.

That's it.

There is no train, locomotive or any background that is identifiable, other
than the trestle road bridge across the cut. My guess is the bridge is
maybe 100' across.

Could be anywhere - N&W, VGN, C&O, SR ......... who knows?

Any help from this rather sparse info appreciated.

Bob C.
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