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That makes sense. The Elkhorn Colliery at the end of the Right Fork Elkhorn Branch closed in 1944. The N&W canceled its siding agreement with the Mill Creek Coal & Coke Co., the colliery operator, on March 30, 1945, and made arrangements to remove the siding. That only left the Angle mine in operation. No Reason to have a Left Fork Elkhorn Branch if there is no Right Fork Elkhorn Branch, and with a single operation Angle Branch is more descriptive than Elkhorn Branch, especially with all of the other Elkhorns as you noted.


Thank you.


Alex Schust


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[I'll dispense with quotation marks.] 1945 time table refers to Switchback Junction and Angle Branch, not Elkhorn Branch. After all relocation work, 1955 time table refers to Angle Junction and Angle Branch; however, under crossings to be flagged is an entry for Elkhorn Branch Left Fork.

I can understand trying to get away from Elkhorn, the branch. Other Elkhorns include the tunnel, the grade, the station and the job.

Grant Carpenter

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The N&W is not consistent with its nomenclature between departments. While the Stations & Sidings books refer to the branch line as the Left Fork of Elkhorn Branch the Track Charts referred to the line as the Angle Spur. Attached is a sheet from Hollinger Box HOL-00169.06.19. Angle Spur is located near N-379. Perhaps someone in Roanoke can find the date of the track chart.


Alex Schust


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. . . Regarding names after the war, Eckman dispatched the Switchback Mine Run, but it worked "up on the mountain,""Angle" or "Angle Branch"--not (Left Fork of) Elkhorn Branch and I guess the other fork was gone, Mill Creek/Barlow Hollow having closed by then (a Mill Creek was still working, but on the other side of the mountain). To be more specific from earlier, crews referred to the junction, spur and location as "Angle." I've seen "Angle Spur" on track charts.

Grant Carpenter


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