Norfolk: Railroad Locations in a Google Earth Mapping File

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I am interested in the file you mentioned, but I am not sure how to add it to Google Earth.  I have Google Earth on my computer. What do I do with the file to get it to work with Google Earth?  Thanks for your help.
Jack Fletcher

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Recently I mentioned a file called Railfan's Guide, which maps railroads onto the satellite imagery.  It is produced by a retired Electrical Engineer here in Harrisburg.    That file (rev. 9-2-2020) maps these locations in Norfolk: Lovitt Ave, Bridge 5, NS Jct, Carolina Jct, Portlock and Portlock Yard, Coleman Place, Tidewater Jct, Bridge 7 and Belt Line.

I put that file up on Google Drive and you can get it at the link shown below.  It is less than 2 megs in size, but to open it you will need to download the Google Earth freeware... which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone interested in railroads, old or new.<>

As a bonus for shopping in our Turnip Super-Market, I also threw up an interesting old map from the Smithsonian, titled **Lloyds Official Map of Virginia 1828-1859-1861.**  It is 13 megs in size and has been Photoshop edited.  You may get it here:<>

We appreciate your business.

-- abram burnett,
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