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“The Norfolk & Western in West Virginia 1881~1959” (available from the commissary) pages 2-6 cover the history of the New River Railroad from its original incorporation in 1872 to its name change in 1877 to when it was acquired by the N&W in 1881.


The original drawings in question appear to be about what existed or was surveyed, but do not include any surveys down the New River for the proposed New River RR between Central depot and Hinton, although hand sketches probably existed at the time. Hotchkiss did prepare a sketch of the proposed New River RR from Central Depot to Hinton, but it doesn’t have a date on it. Hotchkiss’s drawings of 1880 and 1881 for Kimball are about access to Abbs Valley from the New River. This suggests the drawings were from 1877 or 1878 when John Graham was the chief engineer of the New River RR and the Thomas Graham Group of Philadelphia controlled the railroad.


Alex Schust



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  I believe you are correct. We don't have many New River Railroad drawings in the collection and this is the first time I have seen the logo.  I did find a "New River Rail Road" letter head in the archives collection but there is no logo:




I have also seen them referred to as "New River RR, Mining & Manufacturing Company". In Princes book (Page 44) he has in parentheses New River RR so I guess they went by the long and short names.


Wikipedia shows it as "New River Mining and Railroad Company".



Thanks for id info on the logo!


- Roger Link


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Given the context, I'm guessing that is the logo for the New River Railroad, predecessor to the N&W's extension down the New River to Glen Lyn.

Grant Carpenter

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While working at archives we entered an early natural resources map (ore, coal, etc.) showing AM&O (Shows Mississippi & Ohio Railroad which is assumed to be a truncated AM&O name) from just west of Roanoke to Glade spring. Map is untitled with no date. There are two versions of the drawing and on the blueprint version there is a "stacked" railroad logo.


It appears to show either "RN RR Co." or "NR RR Co.".  Anyone have any ideas of the name / history of this railroad?


Blueprint Drawing:


Line Drawing:



- Roger


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