NEED Promotion Date for Radford Div. Engineman Merle C. Brooks

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>From the January 1, 1971 Engineers - Radford Division Seniority Roster

M.C. Brooks

Rank: 0026

Seniority Date: 10-26-52

W.E. Honeycutt

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>     Going-on 60 years ago, Radford Division Engineman Merle C. Brooks was one of my favorites to work with.  He was right out of the Old School, and a Prince and a Gentleman.  He lived at Radford and worked jobs on that end of the Division, including the Radford-Bluefield Short Run and the Ripplemeade Turn, although I did make a few trips with him on the Roanoke-Bluefield pool runs.
> DNA tests revealed that Merle's Great-Granddaughter (living in Oklahoma) is distantly related to me (although I have no genetic relation to Merle Brooks himself.)
>     The young lady knows nothing about her Great Grandfather Merle, and is anxious for information.  Mr. Tommy Duncan, Chairman of the Creamery Association in Austinville, found a photo of Merle on an engine and it has been sent to the young lady.  Mr. Jim Blackstock, Commodore of the Smith Mountain Lake Flotilla,  found Merle's date of hire:  March 13, 1946, as a Fireman on the Radford Division.  For my part, I hammered out a few pages of memories of working with Merle and sent them to her.
>     To finish out the story, I NEED THE DATE M. C. BROOKS WAS PROMOTED TO ENGINEMAN.
>     Does anyone have a Radford Division Engineman's Seniority Roster from the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s, which would show his promotion-to-Engineman date?  (Merle died in 1981, so no need to look at anything after that.) 
>     Thanks for whatever you can do.
>     -- abram burnett
>     Our Turnips Have Lionel Magne-Traction !
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