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 Let me know if you have Kenova KX  between Prichard and Union as I have the machine . Kermit machine also  if you have it



Larry Evans



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Herr Wood, Excellency: 


I have the book of 8x10" prints made for every CTC machine Union Switch & Signal ever built for the N&W.  The images were made by the US&S photographer as every machine came off the production floor.  The book came here after the US&S library was liquidated three or four decades ago. 


Some years ago I sent the book down to Roanoke for the N&WHS to scan, and hopefully they have the images on file.  I will look around to see where, in all my mess, they are stored.  If they are found, I will gladly scan for you the Pea Vine photo(s) 


-- abram burnett 

Striker Fired Turnips 



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