Why the Names Dehurt and Pierpont ?

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. This is not a factor.  Both Dehurt and Pierpont were published as stations In the Open & Prepay station list.  Pierpont was listed as late as 1963 and perhaps later.  

Pierpont, but not Dehurt, appears in NW's April, 1972 Stations and Siding Manual.  Catawba Branch excluded, the manual also shows Salem Tannery - The Purex Corp. - Crossover west of Salem, Bluefield Supply Co. and Koppers as stations and with station numbers.  With the exception of Pierpont, the stations listed show a symbol indicating that "Shipments must NOT be billed to or from points so designated".  So, I suspect they were billed to and from Salem and the stations were shown so that the Shaffers Crossing yard crews could organize the Salem Shifter is station order, rather than junk everything as Salems.                      Harry Bundy
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