Comparing two Maybeury bridge photos

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Larry (and Jeff),

These are easy to confuse. The light angle is not much help--both could 
have been taken on either end of the bridge, in this case, in June AM light.

In both shots are the tool shed on the right, the leaning S&C pole on 
the left, the slide fence on the left and note the distance along the 
train from the top of the abutment back to the shadow cast by the 
truss--there is a deck-plate approach span only on the east end. If on 
the west end, the slide fence would be replaced by the Angle Branch.

More details, as opposed to the west end, the east end required a full 
cut (as seen in 08143) into a particularly steep hillside in order to 
hold the curve into Barlow Hollow down to a max of 4.5 degrees. Thus, 
note: the slide fence, the approach span, the (long) wing/retaining wall 
past the shed and the pole line crossing (high-voltage over and S&C 
under, avoiding the steep slope on the south side, ahead of the train).

The fire shed (in 10540) would be on the south side with the underground 
water main. Also, there was a flange greaser on the EB main just east of 
the bridge--note the inner side of the far rail on the left edge of 08143.

Grant Carpenter

On 8/7/2021 12:06 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> NW10540 is the West end NW08143 is the east end
> Larry Evans
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> Mike -
> I would say yes, NW08143 is at the west end of the bridge over US 52 
> at Maybeury.
> Jeff Hawkins
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>     NW10540 compared to NW10540 which is unknown location...Aren't
>     they the same bridge in Maybeury?
>     NW08327 which is unknown location compared to Digital Scan -
>     DS00342.  I think they are the same photo at Jenkinjones.
>     Mike Shockley
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