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Here is a question for you Virginian "Crazies" out there.

In 1953 the VGN reported to the ICC that it originated 212,045 tons of bituminous coal that year.  Of that, 39,548 carloads (19%) were terminated on line (on the VGN) and 172,497 carloads (81%) were delivered off line.

Just where were the 19% delivered on line?.  Could several power plants on the VGN as well as numerous, but that many, coal dealers take that much coal?

Deliveries off line to the C&O, N&W, NYC, SOU, SAL, ACL,, PRR, NS, and NPBL took a bite, but not all 81%.

The big question:  Where did export coal, a big factor, figure in.  Was it listed under "on line," "off line," or both?  The ICC "distinctions" are not helpful.  If "both" then what distinguishes "on line export coal" from"off line export coal?"

Perhaps we need some help from a Philadelphia (or Cleveland) lawyer.  I'm from Philly, but no lawyer.  HELP!!!

Glenn Fisher
Cornwall PA

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