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I have always assumed that in the early 1950s all coal on the VGN was weighed and classified on the hump at Elmore Yard.  Now I am not sure.

What about the coal mined on the eastern end of the Guyandotte Branch and branches and headed for the N&W and C&O at Gilbert?  Was it taken to Elmore where it would be classified and weighed, and then sent back to Gilbert to the N&W and C&O?

The same for the coal mined around Page destined for the C&O and NYC at Deepwater.  Did it have to go to Elmore first before being delivered to Deepwater?

Mentioned has also been made about coal being weighed at Roanoke.  What coal was that?  Why wasn't it handled at Elmore?  Was any coal weighed at Princeton?

Unlike the N&W at Lamberts Point, I am pretty sure that no coal was weighed at Sewalls Point.

These questions are "weighing" heavily on my mind as I begin to put together material for my articles on the VGN in 1953.  Can anyone help me with my "load" of questions?

Glenn Fisher
The Man of Many Hats
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