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Chris, there’s a few things to consider visually if you model something like the standard plan that Grant references (NW01953). Circleville’s tower (VI, Scioto Division, built ca 1911) was of the same pattern as NW01953 but had it's train order porch removed around 1918-1920 and received new asbestos shingles, a metal staircase, and probably other less visible changes around 1943. These latter changes were due to a fireproofing program started in 1941 and extending beyond 1943. 

At least 30 towers were fireproofed as part of that program, including HQ. HQ’s dimensions are noted in a fireproofing schedule list (https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=95698 <https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=95698>) as 16x19’ with two floors. Whether those dimensions are of the old building previously pictured or the standard plan is unclear. My guess is that it was the standard plan given the dimensions fall within the range of other buildings I know to be of the Circleville/Vera/Renick/etc. standard design.     

If you choose to build one to this pattern, there are a good selection of images in the archive from most angles, and multiple drawings (Vera comes to mind, but there are others from WV locations). Search “Tower” or “Fireproof” to get in the ballpark. AMB also makes a laser kit of a larger version of this pattern. Dad built Circleville’s tower using the AMB model as a core (http://www.laserkit.com/laserkit.htm <http://www.laserkit.com/laserkit.htm> - Kit number 132), and it came out nicely. 

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio, US

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> Chris,
> I'll stay on it, but your fallback, with some modeler's license, could be the "standard" (Archives #NW01953). I mentioned they were similar, of HQ, Bluestone, Tug and Iaeger, no two were alike, varying in proportions, but were based on the standard. 
> Speaking of taking some license and on a personal note, Urp's Junk Co. got "(re)located" east to Antler.
> Grant Carpenter
> On 8/28/2021 7:56 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
>> Good Evening All,
>> I’ve really enjoyed this discussion on HQ Tower.  I’m hoping someone can either find a photo of the last version of HQ or remember what it looked like.  I’m contemplating the construction of a new layout and I really want to include a 50’s era HQ.  Was HQ close to the standard N&W tower design?
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