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Abe; thank you so much again.

Frank Bongiovanni

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> Abe,
> Is there anything in there about the Shenandoah Valley line?
> Jimmy Lisle
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> Going on forty-five years ago, I had the good fortune to be introduced to
> some of the  upper-level people in the Marketing Department at Philadelphia
> headquarters.  With one of the fellows (we shall call him Fred,) I struck
> up an acquaintance and a friendship based on common railroad history
> interests, and we kept in contact until his retirement in 1998.  After
> Email came around, we kept in touch almost daily.  Why he chose me for a
> friend, I have never fathomed, for I was only a field-grade Trainmaster at
> the time, and I was light years behind him in both savvy and skills.  He
> even had me to his home once.
> Fred had a good library and, since our interests overlapped, when he found
> and bought a good railroad history book, he had one sent to me, too.  For
> which exemplary charity I have ever been grateful, and his generosity set
> an example which I have tried to follow.  (When Fred retired, he wanted a
> searchlight dwarf signal for his back patio.  He got it... delivered, no
> less, and with a suitable transformer as well.  He had enough smarts to
> hook it up by himself.)
> One of the books Generous Fred had shipped to me was Richard C.
> Carpenter's 2003 work, A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946,
> published by Johns Hopkins Press in 2003.
> I turned to the maps in Carpenter's Atlas during my recent researches on
> the N&W's North Carolina Branch and its Speedwell & Pacific Fast Line, and
> while trying to negotiate the labryanthine trackage of the N&W and
> Virginian in West Virginia coal territory, inscrutable to flatland
> foreigners like myself.
> So, in the spirit of passing on some of Fred's generosity, I have scanned
> and made available Carpenter's maps of those territories.  They are titled
> Galax, Rural Retreat, Bluefield, Iaeger, Logan and Beckley.  All are
> available on Google Drive, by using the following link.  (There are also
> some CNJ, Hazleton, Pottsville, Scranton, and Jersey City map scans there,
> if those foreign seaports trip your trigger...)
> -- abram burnett
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