LCL and Freight Waybilling - When Did They End?

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Harry,Mine tags didn't mean much to me back then. I may have only read one once. But, the best that I remember, I do think that they were made of a pretty sturdy paper and lasted till pulled off.Jimmy LisleSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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Waybills, swaybills !  What I'm interested in is mine tags.  You've

probably seen them -- looks like a post card stapled to a wood plank

on the side of a hopper.  What information was on the mine tag ? I

never looked.

Did a coal load move from mine to Lamberts Point without a waybill, but

on a mine tag ?

Did the mine tag survive in rotten weather or did it disintegrate ? 

                                                                        Harry Bundy

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