Abingdon Branch, 1984 Article

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Thank you Abram for posting this article.


Paul Mandelkern

Winter Park, FL


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Fun article, Mr Burnardo - thanks for putting it on the virtual bookshelf!


Matt Goodman

Columbus, Ohio, US

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Col. von Span and his Merry Band of Bristol Line Brigands bribed someone in
the Dee-Partment of Turnips to provide a copy of the 1984 article on the
Abingdon Branch, carried in a certain maggie. 


If anyone wants it, I think you might find it here... 




-- abramo burnardo 

Binary Reactive Tannerite Turnips, LLC 



                            1861 RULES FOR CONDUCTORS 

                        PHILADELPHIA & READING RAIL ROAD 


     71.   Every Conductor on this road must know how to read and write the
English language correctly.   

     43.   Whenever necessary to clear the track by roping off cars, never
throw the cars upon the Canal Towpath.    

     82.   If any of the Company's  workmen neglect their duty, they will be
reported to the proper officer,  but in no case is swearing or improper
language of any kind to be used on them or others.    

     85. The Conductor will be furnished with an oil can for the lamps of
his crew, which he will have filled as he passes through Reading. It is
strictly against the Rules for this oil to be used, except for lamps.
Report any one who makes use of it for firing, or any other purpose.  


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