Size of Train Crews on N&W Passenger Trains ?

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   (Disambiguation:  "Train Crew" here means Conductor + Brakeman/Brakemen.  "Engine Crew," consisting of Engineman + Fireman, is something else.  Every train operated has both an Engine Crew and a Train Crew, and those are two different things.  But in today's modern world, there has probably been some slippage in the exactitude of the meaning of those terms.)
   On N&W passenger trains, Train Crew size was governed by an agreement.  On trains of less than 5 (I think) cars, Train Crew size was Conductor + 1 Brakeman.  On trains larger than that size, a second Brakeman was employed.
   (1)  Did I get the car count right... 5 cars ?
   (2)  How far back in time did this arrangement go?
   -- abram burnett
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