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Norris and all others:

The world is a vastly different place since the last Gaithersburg
Railroadianna show was held 2 years ago. Even moreso, with the coming of
the internet and many other changes, materials and items like often found
at these shows changes.

That said, I saw some pretty neat stuff today and I also noted some
noticeable vacancies either from deciding to not attend for any one of
dozens of reasons or departure from this world but the decisions are always
between the buyer and seller and a satisfactory transaction is when both
parties are pleased.

I bought some new goodies for my interests today and am quite pleased and
also saw some items go out the door into new found homes.

That's what makes the world go 'round. Both Jeff Sanders and the N&WHS are
represented and many people on this list are well acquainted with both Jeff
and Ken as well as Tim Hensley and Frank Scheer who is slated to help

It's decent weather and there's even decent food available from a local
Lions Club I think (burgers and fries and chips and sodas in cans), so have
a safe driving experience and we'll hope to see you there on Sunday.

Bob Cohen

The Gaithersburg Railroadiana Meet used to be the place in the Washington,
DC area to buy almost anything railroad artifact related. If I attended any
railroadiana show this was going to be the one. I have purchased some very
nice pieces of railroadiana over the years. Let me say that due to the
pandemic that I have heard that the total amount of vendors has gone down.
Of course, with that happening the quantity of artifacts has also gone
down. Rest assured that even with a reduction in artifacts that there will
still be more items there than you have ever seen in one location! Let me
also warn those of you that might be new to the railroadiana collecting
hobby. Quite a few of long-time collectors have recently passed away.
Railroad artifacts that have been stored away for decades are coming to the
market. Some sellers may or may not know if everything that they are
offering for sale are genuine or fakes. Items that are easy to fake are
etched glass kerosene lantern globes with railr
 oad names, lanterns, railroad china, locks keys. Whether you are new to
the hobby or a seasoned collector don't hesitate to ask folks at the show
for help in determining if an item is real or a reproduction. Google to get the information that you need to make a
wise buying decision. Collectiing is a separate part of preserving railroad
history. It is very rewarding and a fun hobby to share with other
collectors! Feel free to email me any photos of the show or photos of
upcoming train show fliers both for real and model trains. I have read that
members of the N&WHS may be set up selling items there. Make sure to pay
them a visit. Scroll to the bottom of this email to get the details about
the Gaithersburg Railroadiana Show.
Railroadiana Online Website<>
A non-commercial website devoted to information about collectible
railroadiana including lanterns, lamps, china, keys, locks and paper.
Stay safe and well.
All Aboard!

Norris Deyerle

Blue Ridge Chapter, National Railway
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