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Folks - first, do not hit PF4!  This is a fascinating book by Michael Foley (who has many other titles to his credit) on Britain's Railways in WWI and I highly recommend it for its picture of how Britain responded to the need to keep its citizens supplied with food, clothing and other necessities during the war as well as move troops and supplies to Europe.  What is incredible is among other things, is the multitude of railway companies within England that somehow managed to pull together to help win the war.  He has many other books and I have entreated our library to make all of them available for reading.  Another interesting fact is the number of US-made engines that were shipped to the UK to replace those lost in combat, accidents, old age.  My time in the 714th TBROS&DE in 1969-1970 as well as seeing the destruction of the primarily French railways and cars during Vietnam was interesting.  As my dad worked for the Grand Trunk for 30+ years and got me a summer job with CN in NYC my interest in railroading has remained.  I've traveled overseas on railroads in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Japan, up to and including the Flying Scotsman/Royal Scot; Rovos Rail in South Africa; E&O Oriental Express from Spore to KL.  But I model the N&W.  Best to all for the holidays!

Ed Svitil
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