When did Class A and Y6's show up on the Scioto Division?

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I’m sure some one else has a better, more specific answer.

One of the ledgers we have at the Archives is one entitled “Locomotive Assignments” While it is only a glimpse of a moment in time, it does tend to give you the initial assignments of the locomotives, but does only occasionally give you when they were moved.

So, for the Class A, this based on when they were delivered

1200	Assigned to Radford Division	05-08-1936
1201	Assigned to Norfolk Division	06-10-1936
1202	Assigned to Norfolk Division	04-17-1937
1203	Assigned to Norfolk Division	05-04-1937
1204	Assigned to Norfolk Division	05-27-1937
1205	Assigned to Scioto Division	06-23-1937
1206	Assigned to Scioto Division	07-16-1937
1207	Assigned to Radford Division	08-11-1937
1208	Assigned to Scioto Division	08-31-1937
1209	Assigned to Scioto Division	09-21-1937

On the Y6, again, based on actual delivery date of locomotive

None were assigned to Scioto Division.

There are many of the early Y3s assigned to Scioto with a few others appearing earlier, but the first group assigned would be 2050-2073 beginning in 1923 on delivery. That is a total of 24, at the time, add 2030 from the Norfolk Division on 09-27-1924 and  2042 and 2043 in late July 1934.

I wish there were better and more detailed records, but this the best we have at the moment.

Ken Miller

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> I’m curious when the A’s and Y6’s would have first shown up on the Scioto Division, specifically the Columbus District. I’d guess the A’s showed up pretty early given the Ohio topography - with the Y6’s trickling in here and there. 
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