When did Class A and Y6's show up on the Scioto Division?

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Wed Dec 1 09:57:36 EST 2021


I have a year's worth of 1939 original Form M.P. 276, Monthly Locomotive 
Inspection and Repair Reports from Iaeger, WV.

It shows numerous Z1, Y2, M2 locos based there, with at least one M1 and 
one E2 also.

On the back of each monthly form is a chart showing a record of if/when 
the loco was 'Out of Service' between the years 1931 and 1939. 
Interesting info.

Sounds like this is a little earlier time frame than what you're 
interested in, but I'd be happy to supply you with the individual loco 
numbers if you like.

John Garner, Newport, VA

Ken, are those ledgers available on-line in the archives? I'd very much 
be interested in looking for Auville yard in the 40's and early 50's.

Tom Fulton
Asheville, NC

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