The Steam Locomotive Vol.1 & Vol.2

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I stumbled onto this the other day and I had no idea someone had 
reprinted it. If you want to learn something about steam locomotives, do 
yourself one big favor! Go to Amazon and search for "The Steam 
Locomotive Vol.1 & Vol.2" by J.W. Harding. I got mine for $12.95. It's 
in paperback and about 300 pages. Even though not everything about steam 
locos is covered*, you will learn so much more than that new book put 
out by someone who will remain nameless...and save yourself some money too.

*This book is from the series put out years ago by the International 
Correspondence Schools in order to educate the railroad workers across 
the nation. There were many more books in the series and most were 
dedicated to one particular subject, such as valve gears or feedwater 
heater, etc.

Jimmy Lisle
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