When did Class A and Y6's show up on the Scioto Division?

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Thank you John. While that is a little earlier that I'll probably be
modeling, I would love the information. My primary interest is from the
time that Dad was growing up in Coalwood and a bit later. He was born in
1929 so he would have definitely seen those locomotives many times. Please
feel free to contact me off-list.

TFulton42 at gmail.com
Tom Fulton
Asheville, NC

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> Tom,
> I have a year's worth of 1939 original Form M.P. 276, Monthly Locomotive
> Inspection and Repair Reports from Iaeger, WV.
> It shows numerous Z1, Y2, M2 locos based there, with at least one M1 and
> one E2 also.
> On the back of each monthly form is a chart showing a record of if/when
> the loco was 'Out of Service' between the years 1931 and 1939.
> Interesting info.
> Sounds like this is a little earlier time frame than what you're
> interested in, but I'd be happy to supply you with the individual loco
> numbers if you like.
> John Garner, Newport, VA
> Ken, are those ledgers available on-line in the archives? I'd very much
> be interested in looking for Auville yard in the 40's and early 50's.
> Thanks!
> Tom Fulton
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> Asheville, NC
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