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Provided No. 10 was not discontinued before 9/2/56 ( and i think it survived to late 1957) that is probably the train in this picture.

   Ray Smoot

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Does anyone have a guess regarding which train number appears in this picture?

Could be No. 10 (no name) from Bristol.  Nos. 9 and 10 rated a  Class J and usually
ran with 6 or 7 head-end cars and a rider coach.  For holidays,, etc. students from the college
in Bristol would ride No. 10 en route to Philadelphia and New York transferring to No. 2 at
Roanoke. Mail transfers during the Christmas season would delay No. 10, but N&W would
hold No. 2 at Roanoke for a sufficient time so that passengers on No. 10 could transfer to
No. 1
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