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Hi all,It dawned on me recently that, while I’ve gathered a fair amount of info about train operations in the steam era at Bristol, Va./Tn., most all of what I know concerning interchange with the SRR there concerns the traffic moving over the SRR Knoxville Division.I’ve seen a lot less info about interchange with the Appalachia Division’s line from Bristol to, well, Appalachia, Va. ETT’s I’ve seen indicate there was 1 scheduled freight train/day over this line in the ‘50s.From what Ed King and others have told me, a goodly amount of coal moved to Bristol over this line. Any other insights on freight traffic/train ops in the 1950’s or thereabouts is welcomed. Ditto for typical late-steam, early diesel-era motive power on this line.Thanks in advance for any tidbits shared.
Andre Jackson

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