Horns for VGN Diesels and Electrics

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I believe I read somewhere that the EL-3As had Leslie Tyfon  A200s. From photos, the EL-2B had a similar horn. The EL-Cs look like they have the same horns as the diesels. I couldn’t find any information in my references. With sound playing a much bigger role in our modeling, the type of horn has become more important. I, too, would like better information.


Bob Cook


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The FM H16-44's and H24-66's were equipped with Nathan M-3-R1 horns. 


W.E. Honeycutt 

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Do we have any data concerning the make and model of air horns used on the VGN's electrics and diesels? I'm particularly curious about the EL-C rectifiers. The class diagrams tell us what brand of WINDSHIELD WIPERS they used, fer cryin’ out loud, but about horns, they are ... silent.


- Marty Swartz 
Pittsburgh, PA 



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