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Thanks Jim!
I replied directly to your mindspring email account.ThanksRay Russell Sr.
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Subject: Re: WILLIAMSON ROUDHOUSE INFO NEEDED! Ray, I have a bunch of photos from Williamson circa 1958-59 shot by Bill Bauer who visited there a few times and shot some great B&W images outside and inside the roundhouse as well as the ready tracks, coaling tower, etc. Also, I was there in April, 1960 and shot some color slides.I can send you some of these if you’ll send me your email address. Most of the photos posted on this list come out as goblety-gook computer language and no imagery. Oddly, the photos of your coaling station and lubartorium did come out and they look fine. Jim Herronhrvideo at mindspring.comHerron Rail Video ________________________________________
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