Spring Mills Depot N&W Caboose project going back to 2017, any contact?

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Several years ago I saw them at a show and asked about purchasing some
ends for their B&O cabooses, and I was told to just keep emailing them
every other week until I got a reply. After 3 or 4 emails I got a
reply and the parts. They also got in trouble with some people, myself
included, for selling their DODX flat cars at the large Massachusetts
train show in January before they finished shipping models to all of
their customers who had preordered and prepaid for them. People
weren't happy that someone who didn't preorder got to take the models
home the same day they saw them while those of us who paid years prior
were still waiting. Worst of all, the guys at Spring Mill didn't even
seem to understand why people were upset. 
They make a great product, and go to great lengths in their research,
but they don't have much in the way of professional customer service
skills, with issues like communication that cannot be accounted for by
"bad luck". I look forward to finally receiving the CF cabooses, but
can't say I feel like waiting for anything else from them. 
Marty Flick

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	I just emailed them 6 times and used different email address over the
last 2 months. No replays. 

	Poor business ethics! 

	Stephen Rineair 

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	Would you please email me off-line. 

	Bill D 

	N&W Steam Only 

	mgj21932 at yahoo.com 

	Gainesville, Va. 


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