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That's Mikhail, good sir!  :-)
and thanks (to all) for the explanation

Mike Rector

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> Comrade Milosh Rectorovitz asketh about Herr Cochran's fine photograph of
> the ye Position Light Signal at Bluefield.
> That signal governs westward movement on the Radford Division Pull In
> Track.  It is the last signal in Automatic Block Signal territory and shows
> no aspect other than Restricting.    West of this signal, the track is not
> circuited and the crew of a train has no idea of what is on the track ahead
> of them.  Meaning:  End of signal protection territory... You be on your
> own, now, Fell'az ...
> BTW, that signal in the photo looks exactly like it did when I first saw
> it in 1964.  I kinda ran out of fingers, but I think that was 58 years
> ago...
> -- abram burnett
> Hoppe's No. 9 Turnips
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