Pokey operations

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Thanks, Alex.

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> While not a direct answer to your question, after the branch realignment
> of the Elkhorn Branch at Switchback to become  the Angle Branch, circa
> 1948,  the only operation on the Angle Branch was the Norfolk-Angle Mine.
> The Norfolk-Angle Mine was closed in July 1955 when only 36 employees were
> working. Employment steadily dropped to 18 in 1956, 10 in 1957 and 4 in
> 1958. It is not clear if Pocahontas Fuel was using the tipple or simply
> cleaning out the mine with the 1956-1958 employment.
> The new Elkhorn Tunnel and realignment for eastbound traffic was completed
> in June 1959, but westbound traffic used the old Elkhorn tunnel until July
> 1950. The new Angle Branch had to be in place before the new Maybeury
> bridge construction started in 1948.
> Alex Schust
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> Does anybody have any insight into operations at Switchback prior to the
> late '40s realignment?  Coal loads would have to be rounded up from the
> Angle branch, Shamokin and Elkhorn and then brought up to the main West of
> the power house.  But how was the traffic controlled?  I haven't seen any
> photos showing signals to stop either mainline or mine movements.  How did
> they insure the main was clear when they came up?  Also, if they "pulled"
> up from the bottom, the movement would be pointed West.  Where did they go
> for assembly?  Did everything go West to Byrd at North Fork or even on to
> Ecklmann?  Any and all thoughts will be appreciated.  Not to name names,
> but I'm hoping Mr. Grant might chime in on this one and perhaps Professor
> Schust.
> Thanks,
> Jim Cochran
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